We have two leasing periods for private rooms:

Our school year lease runs from mid September to mid June.

Our Summer lease runs from mid June through mid September.

Move-in dates are flexible according to what is available at the time but move-out dates never change. If you lease a room in a building that is available year round you can also extend your lease for the next term.

Our apartment leases are always one year leases that start either mid-June or September. 

There is a security deposit and it varies according to the type of property that is applied for. The security deposit for private rooms is most often equal to the rent amount.

The security deposit on apartments is generally slightly more than the rent amount. Security deposit amounts may change according to credit worthiness.

The security deposit and first month’s prorated rent must be paid before a key is issued. If one is renting a room for $1,000/month and they are moving in on the 16th of the month the total move in cost would be $1,500. This would include the $1,000 security deposit and 15 remaining days in a 30 day month.

Rent charges will start the day a key is issued.

If your rental unit is considered a double you may have a roommate. All roommates must go through our application process and sign a lease agreement.

We do not offer month-to-month rentals. Our leases are typically one year leases or follow the university schedules.

Anywhere between 25 and 40 people live in a house at one time. The houses have 18-31 rooms and some rooms are shared.

The rooms are not furnished unless otherwise specified. You may furnish your room as you choose.